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Dance will forever be one of my greatest loves.

started dancing at a very young age and later attended

New World School of the Arts in Miami, Fl. where I furthered my training in ballet, modern dance and classical Spanish dance.

My dance training along with my latinx roots and upbringing, helped me become a versatile dancer. I've danced on

The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The LatinBillboard Awards and American Idol. But I always knew I wanted to go back to the style of dance that I fell in love with when I was about three years old: flamenco. It wasn't until 2006, as an adult, that I was re-introduced to flamenco. I began to understand that flamenco is not just about learning steps or choreography; you need to understand the music, the singing, the structure - and how they all work together. 

The complexity intrigued me. In 2010, I decided to travel to Spain for the first time to study with some of my favorite dancers, including the legendary Juana Amaya.

I feel that flamenco offers an expressive outlet unlike any other.

I'm deeply moved by all the aspects of flamenco: the dance, the music and the cante (the singing.)

I have performed in the New World Flamenco Festival's "Flamenco Abierto" in Irvine, California, 
"Forever Flamenco" at the Ford Theater, and the
historic tablao El Cid in Los Angeles. 

I consider myself a lifelong student of flamenco and plan to continue  learning  and exploring this beautiful art and culture. 

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