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about me


Hi, there! I'm Alex. 

I'm an actor, voice-over artist, flamenco dancer, poet, producer and mother. 

Ever since I can remember I've been in front of a camera or on a stage.

I grew up as a child actor and host for Univision and Telemundo in my hometown of Miami, Florida. I worked on everything from kids shows and sketch comedy, to dramas and yes, telenovelas.  My childhood was definitely not traditional.

My on-camera work led me to voice-over and dubbing at a very young age.

Being bilingual helped open many doors for me in this field. Working behind the mic feels like home to me and is still one of the things I enjoy most. 


When I wasn't working as an actor, I was dancing.

I trained in ballet, modern dance, jazz and classical Spanish dance. 

But before any of my formal dance training, I was briefly introduced to flamenco.

I was immediately mesmerized and fell in love with the music, dance,

costumes - everything! It wasn't until my adult years though, that I began to study and understand the complexities of this art form. I now perform and teach flamenco and plan to continue exploring and learning about this beautiful art and culture. 

​I'm a sensitive, empathetic and dreamy Pisces hidden behind a strong Leo exterior. 

I love peace and quiet, and I always try to follow my intuition. I'm fascinated by human behavior and passionate about self-development. Dancing, painting, and writing poetry are some of the things that bring me the most joy. 

I now call Los Angeles my home and love the life I'm creating here.

My days are filled with meditation, yoga, work-outs, music, podcasting, laughter and, of course, lots and lots of playtime with my favorite person; my 5-year-old daughter, Sofia. 

I'm currently the co-creator and editor of  Mamá Cita Podcast. Go listen. Show some love!

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