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about me

Hi, there! I'm Alex. 

I'm a flamenco dancer, voice-over artist, actor, poet and mother. 

Ever since I can remember I've been on a stage, behind a mic or in front of a camera.

I grew up as a child actor and host for Univision and Telemundo in my hometown of Miami, Florida. 

My on-camera work led me to voice-over and dubbing at a very young age.

Working behind the mic feels like home to me and is still one of the things I enjoy most. 


When I wasn't working as an actor, I was dancing!

I trained in ballet, modern dance, jazz and classical Spanish dance. 

But before any of my formal dance training, I was briefly introduced to flamenco.

I immediately  fell in love with the music, dance, costumes - everything!

It wasn't until my adult years though, that I began to study and understand the complexities of this art form. I now perform and teach flamenco, and continue exploring  this beautiful dance, music and culture. 


Whether it be in the form of dancing, acting, painting or writing poetry, 

creating and expressing myself through art brings me immense joy.

I'm also passionate about wildlife and enjoy spending time in nature!

I'm proud to be a docent at the LA Zoo and love learning and sharing my knowledge about animals with the community. 

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